Bespoke Fragrances

Your one-of-a-kind, custom-designed fragrance

Your scent should belong to you. There is simply no greater luxury in perfumery than having your own signature bespoke scent. The ultimate way to express yourself.

Embark on a fragrance journey with The Perfume Co. to your one true signature scent, a unique expression of YOU blended of the purest oils and essences. Every bespoke perfume is a personal and interactive experience between you and professional perfumer Monet, working together to craft and blend a customised scent that once created, will be the only one like it in the world.

For individuals

For you | Weddings | Gifts

Together you and The Perfume Co. will create an olfactory expression of your personality, customised with your own design. We can also source special bottles and packaging to complete your fragrance image.

Gifting: Spoil someone you love with a unique bespoke fragrance or fragrance experience… Read more
Weddings: Create a unique scent that will forever remind you of your special day, give your guests a completely unique wedding favour, or thank your bridal party with an exclusive gift… Read more

For business

Fashion & Beauty Boutiques | Hotels | Corporate gifts

By delving into the personality, essence and style of your business, together you and The Perfume Co. will create a signature fragrance that not only truly expresses your brand, but that both you and your customers will love.

Offer your customers or clients a scent that is uniquely your own, customised with your branding. We can also source special bottles and packaging to complete your fragrance image.

Once created, your scent can be transformed into a variety of products according to your needs:

50ml Body Silk – A light, non-greasy moisturiser
10ml “Shockproof” Atomizer – A refillable clear glass atomizer inside of a shock resistant plastic case
10ml Silver Atomizer – A sexy refillable travel bullet atomizer in Eau de Parfum
30ml Parfum Solide – Solid perfume of combined beeswax and almond oil, rubbed onto the wrists and heated. Perfect for anybody who prefers not to use alcohol based products.
30ml Eau de Parfum – A 30ml glass bottle
50ml Eau de Parfum – A 50ml glass bottle
100ml Eau de Parfum – A 100ml glass bottle
10ml Pure Extrait Oil – Luxurious, intense, pure fragrance oil
50ml Bath Oil –
An alcohol-free bath oil
40ml Refill Eau de Parfum – A 40ml Amber refill apothecary bottle to enable you to refill atomizers

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