Product FAQ

  1. What does Pure Un-cut Oil, Eau De Parfum (EdP), Eau De Toilette (EdT) and Parfum Solide mean?

    Pure Extrait Oil is also called extract, this is the most expensive version of any fragrance as it contains only oil and no water or alcohol which makes it the longest lasting of all the scent categories. Only a tiny amount is needed, which is reflected in the sizes in which it is sold.

    Eau de Parfum is the second strongest form of scent and the Industry Recommendation is 8 – 15% perfume oil. At The Perfume Co. we blend at 20%.

    Eau de Toilette is the most popular forms in which fragrance is sold, and are particularly appropriate for the summer and at The Perfume Co. only our male fragrances are available in this formulation. The Industry Recommendation is 4 – 8% perfume oil, but at The Perfume Co. we blend at 10%.

    Parfum Solide is the latest European trend and is the perfect travel fragrance that is captured in a formulation of beeswax and almond oil in solid form that is rubbed onto your wrists when heated.

  2. Why do some fragrances seem to last longer than others?

    People with dry skin usually experience shorter fragrance retention times than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to retain the fragrance. In addition, the PH level (amount of acidity) in the skin has a marked effect on the reaction of each ingredient in a fragrance and these PH levels vary from person to person.

  3. Are The Perfume Co. fragrances the same quality as mainstream branded products?

    Yes, they certainly are. We import our fragrance oils from Grasse in France (the perfume capital of the world) from a company who supplies all the major perfumers in the world as has been doing so since the 1700’s.

  4. Are your perfumes natural and organic?

    Our scents use both natural and synthetic compounds in creating spectacular perfumes that follow the strictest rules prescribed in the cosmetic industry.

  5. What are top, heart and base notes?

    Top Notes provide the first scent impression of a fragrance once it has been applied to the skin. They are usually lighter, more volatile aromas that evaporate readily. Their scent usually lingers for between 5 and 30 minutes.

    Heart (middle) Notes make up the body of the blend. They may be evident from the start, but will usually take 10-30 minutes to fully develop on the skin. They are the notes that classify the fragrance family (Floral, Oriental, Chypre, etc).

    Base Notes are those with the greatest molecular weight. They last the longest and are also important as fixatives, that is, they help slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter notes, giving the fragrance holding power.

  6. Are you affiliated with well-known brands and designer scents?

    No we are absolutely not in any way shape or form affiliated with other perfumers or perfume houses. We have our very own perfumer and mainly specialise in our own bespoke artisanal fragrances under our own label. We do however also offer The Perfume Co. interpretation of known fragrances that was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and the noted description given on the site is only done so that the customer has an idea of the scent character, and is done not to mislead, or confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designer’s name and valuable trademark. These versions are NOT to be confused with the originals and The Perfume Co. has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers.

Order FAQ

  1. Can I order by phone?

    Yes, simply call us on +27 (0) 78 473-4235 and we will be delighted to process your order.

  2. Which credit cards do you accept?

    Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are only able to process EFT payments.

  3. What are the delivery/shipping charges?

    Delivery charges depend on the size of your order and your location. Once you have submitted your order, we will review it and send your completed invoice, including shipping to you directly. All our deliveries are done through a very reputable company (The Courier Guy) and the charges are extremely reasonable.

  4. How do I track my order?

    When we dispatch your order for delivery, you will receive a unique tracking number by email. With this tracking number you can check the current status of your order by clicking the link on the email.

  5. Can I return a product?

    We hope that you will be happy with your fragrances but if you are not, you may return any item within 7 days of receipt at your cost for delivery, as long as it is unused and in its original packaging. However if, upon delivery, you notice that any of the products in your order are damaged we shall be happy to replace them, provided you supply us with photographs.

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