Unique Fragrances for Weddings

Personalised perfumes and scents – beautiful gifts for your bridesmaids, unique wedding favours, or the perfect bridal scents for your wedding day.

A scent has the power to create a lasting memory. A simple reminder of a beautiful feeling. Find the perfect fragrance to create that memory for your special day.

The Perfume Company offers customised fragrances that you can design and personalise to suit your personal tastes and the theme of your wedding:

Bridesmaid gifts:

The perfect personalised gift that will show your girls how much they mean to you. Choose a scent they will love, and customise the labels with a design or photo of your choice.

Bridal fragrances for your wedding day:

Coco Chanel called perfume the ultimate accessory. It not only sets the mood but also creates a powerful memory trigger. The thought you put into your wedding dress, hair, and makeup will be well documented—but perhaps nothing will capture the moment like the fragrance you wear down the aisle.

Whether you want to feel and smell exactly like you do in your everyday life, or would like a special scent for your special day, there is a perfume option for every kind of bride.

Wedding favours:

A variety of customised, personalised luxury atomisers are available that will allow guests to take home a little nostalgia from your special day… The scent of your choice will evoke thoughts and memories of your wedding day for years to come.

Scenting your wedding:

A host of fragrances are available that will make your wedding day a fragrant one. Various products like reed diffusers, tea-light burners, hand lotion and hand wash to room mist are available, all in your bespoke fragrance. Your meticulous wedding day will be fondly remembered through the senses.

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