About The Perfume Co.

In late 2013 The Perfume Co. was born when Monet Viviers took over Junique Fragrance Lab, established in 1989, from Tommy & Julie Halliday. Monet was mesmerised by the sublime scents she would purchase from the perfumery in the village, so it was an easy transition when she finally took over the reins from the incomparable Hallidays.

Monet completed extensive and gruelling training at the Junique Fragrance Lab and continues to tirelessly offer a superior product that the Hallidays’ would be proud of.

Thus The Perfume Co. is revolutionising the perfume experience by removing the sensory overload of multiple vendors and hundreds of different fragrances at “Perfume Super-Markets”. We aim instead to treat our customers to an experience of education and to perfumes that suit each individual and their lifestyle perfectly.

The lab has a reputation for blending and selling only the finest perfumes and focuses on sustaining the unadulterated purity of perfume. Our bespoke hand-blended fragrances are customised to our clients’ needs and our packaging reflects our love and devotion to simplicity. We believe that our clients should not pay for the unnecessary cost of branding, advertising, distribution and shelf space, but instead, purely for the magnificent scents we personally blend.

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